The Trend of Breast Implants In Melbourne

The official medical term for Breast implant surgery is also known as Breast Augmentation, it is a type of surgery that improves ones upper physique mostly by giving one a much fuller, larger and shapely breasts. Of course there are a myriad of factors that can lead to the desired objective but don’t worry its worth all the trouble.

The trend has been worldwide but now breast implants in Melbourne are a growing trend.. The procedure has evolved to a straight-forward one, by using a soft implants behind the breast then projects forward and upwards resulting in self-confidence and overall sort of morale to the patient.

Types of breast implants:

All implants today have got solid silicone cover whose contents can either be silicone or saline (salt water).

Silicone Implant– The silicone content is a cohesive gel which can produce no harm to the body when it leaks as opposed to the liquid content that used to be used prior to 1994. A lot of patient suffered in Melbourne and a lot of institutions were sued for malpractice, it took a while before the breast augmentation surgeons could convince them otherwise. Today it is the most recommended type of implant in the world.

Saline implants– they have a strong potential to leak as they are made of salt water and can rupture due to friction. They can be quite costly considering that one may constantly require fill ups every now and then, besides they don’t really fill out the breasts as one may desire.

Polyurethane coated implants (PCIs)- they are not the easiest to persuade into position. Their coating dissolves into the body after some months. The objective for using them has been a low Capsular contracture rate (CC), that is to say, it remains thin thus causing any significant problems to the body.


Why breast implants are significantly increasing in Melbourne.

  • To reverse aging effects on their breasts- As women get older, they tend to loose most of the breast tissue and fat, this in turn deflates their once voluptuous breasts and they end up sagging and shrinking.
  • Poor genetics and lack of size after puberty- having good genes is unfortunately not a luxury that can be afforded to everyone, some women generally have small breasts due to their genes or lack thereof, this causes a lot of self-esteem issues especially to young girls hitting puberty and discovering their misfortunes. Having breast augmentation can significantly rectify the error with ease.
  • To have a proportional body that matches their overall image-to accentuate their bodies even further, women take to breast augmentation to help them realize an even more full potential of their bodies. Thus boosting their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Correction of abnormal breast development- patients of breast cancer or any other breast defects can take advantage of the procedure as they take a stride towards victory of overcoming their adversities.
  • The need to return to pre pregnancy state- post-breastfeeding, the breasts usually shrink more to some women, this can prove fatal and make them feel less desirable to their significant others and to themselves. The simple procedure of breast implant can come in handy is dire situations such as this.

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