Why Get Breast Implants in Melbourne?

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and home to well over 4 million residents. The continued rise in the city’s population has given way to the transformation of Melbourne into a modern and cosmopolitan city. This bustling city had, in the past, a reputation for possessing some pretty conservative values; especially when it came to the stigma attached to women who chose to get breast implants. Meanwhile, in other parts of Australia, like the Gold Coast south of Brisbane, women were fanatical about breast augmentation surgery long before most Australian cities.

The issues with these smaller metropolitan centers was that there was very strong demand for the limited number of surgeons who perform this type of surgery. Anyone who knows anything about economics can tell you that when you have high demand for a service, and not enough surgeons to perform the procedure, the results become unfavorable for customers. Of course, the outcome of this fierce demand was that women faced extremely expensive costs and lengthy wait times for their breast implant procedures.

So, you’re probably asking yourself: What’s different about getting this surgery in Melbourne?

The answer is relatively simple. While this procedure is steadily getting more popular in the city, the demand is not quite at the levels seen in other less populated regions of Australia. Due to Melbourne’s sheer population size, however, women in the city have much more variety in choice as to which surgeon will perform their breast augmentation procedure.

The market is very different in Melbourne, as compared to the market in the Gold Coast region. The reality is that because this industry isn’t yet as popular in the city, there is immense competition amongst existing surgeons, based in Melbourne, to secure clients.

Why get breast implants in Melbourne

As a result, women have more choice and actually end up paying significantly less for the procedure, than women who undergo the surgery in regions outside of Melbourne. It really is a “customers market” when it comes to breast implant procedures in the city.

Make no mistake, the breast augmentation industry continues to grow every year in Australia. As more women undergo this procedure in Melbourne, overall demand increases. However, it’s precisely because the city has yet to see extreme demand for the procedure, that the price for the operation has remained relatively low.

The average price for a breast augmentation surgery in Australia ranges from $10,000 to $18,000. This range is so large because depending on factors such as demand and competition in a given region, prices can be driven down or over inflated. This is why the city of Melbourne is a great choice for women considering breast implant surgery.

While it’s certainly true that markets can change and prices can begin to rise drastically, some markets are less susceptible to this change; Melbourne is a perfect example of this type of market. The city’s breast augmentation market is unlikely to significantly change in the near future. This is because the demand for these services is unlikely to reach the same levels as demand in other parts of Australia.

While in the Gold Coast, more breast augmentation surgeries are performed purely for aesthetic purposes; that’s not necessarily always the case for women who undergo this procedure in Melbourne.

As discussed earlier, conservative values still linger in the city; as a result women in Melbourne are much less likely to simply get this surgery purely for the joy that larger breasts can provide to them. Often time’s mothers who have stopped breastfeeding will undergo breast augmentation surgery to restore their breasts to their original condition prior to getting pregnant.

Practically, this means that so long as the conservative values in Melbourne hold true, the majority of women in the city will only opt for this surgery to restore their breast’s appearance after child birth. The result is a lower demand for these services and a continued prevalence of lower prices for this procedure in Melbourne.

Final Thoughts

Undergoing breast implant surgery will inevitably be an expensive venture. You obviously want to make sure that you choose a surgeon that you feel comfortable with; but you also want to get the best value for the money that you’ll be spending.

That’s why getting breast augmentation surgery in Melbourne is one of the best decisions a woman can make. This unique market provides clients with the freedom to choose from a variety of quality providers; while having the bargaining power to negotiate prices down to the lowest possible rate.

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