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The Trend of Breast Implants In Melbourne

The official medical term for Breast implant surgery is also known as Breast Augmentation, it is a type of surgery that improves ones upper physique mostly by giving one a much fuller, larger and shapely breasts. Of course there are a myriad of factors that can lead to the desired objective but don’t worry its worth all the trouble.

The trend has been worldwide but now breast implants in Melbourne are a growing trend.. The procedure has evolved to a straight-forward one, by using a soft implants behind the breast then projects forward and upwards resulting in self-confidence and overall sort of morale to the patient.

Types of breast implants:

All implants today have got solid silicone cover whose contents can either be silicone or saline (salt water).

Silicone Implant– The silicone content is a cohesive gel which can produce no harm to the body when it leaks as opposed to the liquid content that used to be used prior to 1994. A lot of patient suffered in Melbourne and a lot of institutions were sued for malpractice, it took a while before the breast augmentation surgeons could convince them otherwise. Today it is the most recommended type of implant in the world.

Saline implants– they have a strong potential to leak as they are made of salt water and can rupture due to friction. They can be quite costly considering that one may constantly require fill ups every now and then, besides they don’t really fill out the breasts as one may desire.

Polyurethane coated implants (PCIs)- they are not the easiest to persuade into position. Their coating dissolves into the body after some months. The objective for using them has been a low Capsular contracture rate (CC), that is to say, it remains thin thus causing any significant problems to the body.


Why breast implants are significantly increasing in Melbourne.

  • To reverse aging effects on their breasts- As women get older, they tend to loose most of the breast tissue and fat, this in turn deflates their once voluptuous breasts and they end up sagging and shrinking.
  • Poor genetics and lack of size after puberty- having good genes is unfortunately not a luxury that can be afforded to everyone, some women generally have small breasts due to their genes or lack thereof, this causes a lot of self-esteem issues especially to young girls hitting puberty and discovering their misfortunes. Having breast augmentation can significantly rectify the error with ease.
  • To have a proportional body that matches their overall image-to accentuate their bodies even further, women take to breast augmentation to help them realize an even more full potential of their bodies. Thus boosting their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Correction of abnormal breast development- patients of breast cancer or any other breast defects can take advantage of the procedure as they take a stride towards victory of overcoming their adversities.
  • The need to return to pre pregnancy state- post-breastfeeding, the breasts usually shrink more to some women, this can prove fatal and make them feel less desirable to their significant others and to themselves. The simple procedure of breast implant can come in handy is dire situations such as this.

How Breast Implants in Melbourne Are Increasing Significantly


How Breast Implants in Melbourne Are Increasing SignificantlyGone are the days when women feel embarrassed before they decided to undergo breast implants. They were worried about several factors. First, they didn’t want others think that they were less confident with their bodies. Second, they hesitated to undergo breast implants, as they thought that the implant procedure were painful and full of risk.

Especially in Melbourne, the number of women who decide to get breast implants in Melbourne has been increasing through the past decade. It is based on the fact that living in a big city has urged women to live with a high class lifestyle which demands their flawless physical performance. The vibrant lifestyle is not an extraordinary thing here, because every living aspect here rates high, such as daily needs, entertainment, tourism, and mostly health care. When it comes to health and beauty care, the majority of women in this capital of Victoria, don’t mind spending a fortune. The same thing applies to breast implants. The question is; who is getting breast implants in Melbourne?

Based on recent researches, 70% women with post-pregnancy decide to undergo the breast implants. Others are young women, who feel less confidence with their small breasts, and the rest are older women whose breast are decreasing in size, due to the aging process. This is the main reason why there is an increasing demand of breast implant in the city. The phenomenon has urged the growth of health and aesthetic clinics, which mostly specialize on breast implants treatments.

How Easy Is It To Find Breast Implant in Melbourne?

Fortunately, it is not hard to find breast implants clinics in Melbourne, because there are so many surgeons with their years of experiences in this field. There are even some clinics which have been in this business for three decades, now. Without doubt, well-established breast implants clinics are recommended, because breast implants procedures require highly skilled surgeons, who guarantee patients’ satisfaction and safety.

Accordingly, not all women understand about the requirements of breast implants. As there are some risks that may attach, patients should ensure that they choose, only, the most dependable surgeons. Strong skills and experiences are the best combination of criteria that patients should find from any breast implant surgeon.

Steps Before Choosing Breast Implant Melbourne

Every client deserves free consultation, before she decides to undergo the breast enlargement. The surgeon will check the client’s physical condition, while client can ask about several factors about the size and shape that she is about to choose. The most important thing of all is the breast implant filing and covering, because the materials used give an influential impact to client’s convenience and safety. Furthermore, clients should get details about the cost of any breast implant procedure. This is important because clients can make comparisons before making their decisions.

Afterwards, the consultation should also inform about the implants type, whether clients should choose either saline or silicone implants. Clients should know about the pros and cons about each option, while the surgeon are urged to check each client’s condition to give some beneficial advice.

The next important step is learning about the recovery process. Every client expects the fastest recovery that doesn’t take the safety aspect for granted. Reputable clinics will provide a series of therapy, after the breast implant procedures. It requires one to three days to fully recover.

The last but not the least, clients can lay claim for any unexpected result post the procedure. Just like other surgery procedures, breast implants may deliver some hazardous risks, whenever they are not properly conducted.

The Importance of References

Without doubt, references of the best breast implant surgeon play as the very important role. There is a significant surge of cosmetic surgery clinics in the city, due to its increasing demand. While browsing around through the search engine is worth doing, finding references is strongly advised because ‘word-to-mouth advertising’ is well-proven.

It is easy to conclude that Melbounre’s breast implant phenomenon is no longer hard to find. It is easy for clients to gain their self-esteem, by finding reputable surgeons who specialize in breast enlargement. The variety of choices are very advantageous, as clients can easily choose the best breast implant surgery with the most affordable cost that they can afford.


Melbourne: The Hub for Breast Implants

Melbourne is a hub for breast implants, so much so that thousands of implants are done annually half of which are from patients who travel from all over the world to come and get the care and treatment they so deserve. The best breast surgeons in Melbourne participate in annual clinical audits. This demonstrates their level of commitment and care to their patients. This should be an underlying factor as it proves their credibility and reliance.

As such each registered member is thoroughly vetted and later recommended as an outstanding practitioner in breast implants by the BreastSurgANZ Quality Audit (BQA), directed by both breast surgeons of New Zealand and Australia.

How to get the right surgeon for the job.

If you go to a surgeon for the first time and they recommend immediate surgery then just get out of there, run if you must because they are only after your money. Your dreams for having the perfect body could turn to a nightmare in an instance. So here are a few tips for finding the right surgeon for the job.

Preparation is key for this procedure and as such one should find a surgeon who can guide them through the following:

  1. Consultation– there is no ‘one fit for all’, ones need will most certainly differ from the others and it helps to simply sit down with the expert to go through the overwhelming options. The surgeons in Melbourne are mandated to discuss the options and the procedure with you before. Your breast and chest will be measured as you try on some implants under your bra and choose the one that suits you best.
  2. The Procedure– you have to” go under” as they say in medical terms which simply means that you have to be deeply sedated for the operation to commence. Most Melbourne breast implant surgeons apply the Rapid Recovery technique which leads to resuming to normal activities faster and less inflammation.

A summary of the various techniques include;

  • Inframammary– an incision is made beneath the breast. This is by far the safest method.
  • Transumblical– the implant is inserted via the belly button. This is mainly done for those afraid of visible scars.
  • Transaxillary– the incision in this case is made in the armpit. It is however not very recommended unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Transareola-the crease is made around the nipple area in a semicircular shape.

Melbourne The Hub for Breast Implants

  1. Recovery Process– this is the most crucial step of the process, fortunately their surgical package costing include occasional reviewing of the patient after surgery in one day, week, a month and then 3 months at which point the desired result should be crystal clear.

One to three weeks of rest will be prescribed to the patient and physical activities should be on the minimum or avoided all together.

  1. Possible risks and complications– the surgeons here are of world class so minor risks are normally overseen and required means of avoiding them are usually taken. However, no one can be that perfect, common complications such as numbness and hypersensitivity of the areola and the risk of Capsular Contracture are occasionally reported and can go for up to six months or longer. They can be remedies via surgery and while in Melbourne you will not be further charged for it.



If there was ever a time where the expression ’cheap is expensive’ ever mattered it would be in this case. Breast implants are a very personal matter to any woman whether they care to admit it or not and when the time comes for you to take the leap, simply visit Melbourne. For their surgeons take pride in their work by ensuring their patients are guaranteed the best results. Plus the place really is a beautiful, trust me you will not be wasting your time.

Why Get Breast Implants in Melbourne?

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and home to well over 4 million residents. The continued rise in the city’s population has given way to the transformation of Melbourne into a modern and cosmopolitan city. This bustling city had, in the past, a reputation for possessing some pretty conservative values; especially when it came to the stigma attached to women who chose to get breast implants. Meanwhile, in other parts of Australia, like the Gold Coast south of Brisbane, women were fanatical about breast augmentation surgery long before most Australian cities.

The issues with these smaller metropolitan centers was that there was very strong demand for the limited number of surgeons who perform this type of surgery. Anyone who knows anything about economics can tell you that when you have high demand for a service, and not enough surgeons to perform the procedure, the results become unfavorable for customers. Of course, the outcome of this fierce demand was that women faced extremely expensive costs and lengthy wait times for their breast implant procedures.

So, you’re probably asking yourself: What’s different about getting this surgery in Melbourne?

The answer is relatively simple. While this procedure is steadily getting more popular in the city, the demand is not quite at the levels seen in other less populated regions of Australia. Due to Melbourne’s sheer population size, however, women in the city have much more variety in choice as to which surgeon will perform their breast augmentation procedure.

The market is very different in Melbourne, as compared to the market in the Gold Coast region. The reality is that because this industry isn’t yet as popular in the city, there is immense competition amongst existing surgeons, based in Melbourne, to secure clients.

Why get breast implants in Melbourne

As a result, women have more choice and actually end up paying significantly less for the procedure, than women who undergo the surgery in regions outside of Melbourne. It really is a “customers market” when it comes to breast implant procedures in the city.

Make no mistake, the breast augmentation industry continues to grow every year in Australia. As more women undergo this procedure in Melbourne, overall demand increases. However, it’s precisely because the city has yet to see extreme demand for the procedure, that the price for the operation has remained relatively low.

The average price for a breast augmentation surgery in Australia ranges from $10,000 to $18,000. This range is so large because depending on factors such as demand and competition in a given region, prices can be driven down or over inflated. This is why the city of Melbourne is a great choice for women considering breast implant surgery.

While it’s certainly true that markets can change and prices can begin to rise drastically, some markets are less susceptible to this change; Melbourne is a perfect example of this type of market. The city’s breast augmentation market is unlikely to significantly change in the near future. This is because the demand for these services is unlikely to reach the same levels as demand in other parts of Australia.

While in the Gold Coast, more breast augmentation surgeries are performed purely for aesthetic purposes; that’s not necessarily always the case for women who undergo this procedure in Melbourne.

As discussed earlier, conservative values still linger in the city; as a result women in Melbourne are much less likely to simply get this surgery purely for the joy that larger breasts can provide to them. Often time’s mothers who have stopped breastfeeding will undergo breast augmentation surgery to restore their breasts to their original condition prior to getting pregnant.

Practically, this means that so long as the conservative values in Melbourne hold true, the majority of women in the city will only opt for this surgery to restore their breast’s appearance after child birth. The result is a lower demand for these services and a continued prevalence of lower prices for this procedure in Melbourne.

Final Thoughts

Undergoing breast implant surgery will inevitably be an expensive venture. You obviously want to make sure that you choose a surgeon that you feel comfortable with; but you also want to get the best value for the money that you’ll be spending.

That’s why getting breast augmentation surgery in Melbourne is one of the best decisions a woman can make. This unique market provides clients with the freedom to choose from a variety of quality providers; while having the bargaining power to negotiate prices down to the lowest possible rate.

Choosing a Good Breast Implant Surgeon in Melbourne

If you are looking for the best breast augmentation surgeon, then you have come to the right place. The breast implant is a crucial surgery that requires the services of a professional that will meet all your needs. Nevertheless, the task of choosing a good breast implant surgeon in Melbourne is not easy. Here are fundamental steps to get you started in getting the right plastic surgeon.

Choosing a good breast implant surgeon in Melbourne

Get referrals from friends in Melbourne, there are probably numerous people who have gone through breast augmentation. You should inquire around about the best surgeons from friends who have had successful surgery and are satisfied with the results. One of the best methods of pointing out excellent and not so good specialists is by word of mouth. However, you may also get great recommendations from your personal gynaecologist or doctor. Research through social media. You can also gather a lot of information regarding the well-known breast surgeons through the internet. Some sites narrow down your search by listing Melbourne plastic surgeons and their contacts. You should check out the reviews of the work done by the specialists to gather more data on the previous work done. Most of the popular surgeon’s names appear over and over. List down all the names and research further on their qualifications to narrow down the list. Most of these specialists own websites that best describe their training, education, qualifications and their successful surgeries. For experts working in various Melbourne hospitals, call the institution and inquire more about the professional.

Check for Experience as they say, experience is the best teacher and so a more experienced plastic surgeon is more likely to offer you minimal risks. After narrowing down the doctor’s names, conduct a background check on the experience. Research on the number of years the expert has been on the field and also the number of times there have been successful operations. This will assist you in knowing the professional who will satisfy your needs. When you have a breast implant surgery and in the long last you require a revision, it will be expensive and time consuming. There are risks associated with any surgery process, hence the process should not be taken lightly.

Visit the preferred candidates once you have identified the surgeons you see fit for breast implant, make a point of paying a visit to the Melbourne breast surgeons. Breast implants is a process that may cause emotional drain when not conducted as it should. The results ought to be of maximum satisfaction of every patient. The visit to every preferred surgeon should assist you in knowing the one that understands your needs and is ready to put into considerations your every requirement.

Ask for credentials. A good breast implant surgeon should be certified by the governing law of the Australian Board of Plastic Surgery. The expert should show you proof without any hesitation. The proof of board certification proves that the professional is qualified to carry out the breast implant procedure and has done successful surgeries over a certain number of years. This assures you of positive results after the procedure

The cost of breast implants in Melbourne is not a new thing for many residents. Nevertheless, it is not that cheap either. The breast reconstruction fee should include all the charges, including after the procedure treatments. After the surgery, you are expected to visit the expert for further examination and treatment since your body needs to heal and regain its energy. A good surgeon will calculate the whole fee to avoid any misunderstandings after the procedure. This will assist you in budgeting the total amount you are planning to spend on breast construction process without additional charges.

All you want is a beautiful look on your breasts. All this is determined by the kind of facility you will be operated on. This is because you ought to have the process carried out in a facility that fulfils all the hospital standards. A good surgeon works in a facility that has all the resources required during and after the process. Having all the information required for breast implant will assist you in understanding and accept the risk and potential benefits of breast implant surgery. Choosing a good breast implant surgeon in Melbourne is the first step in having a successful breast enlargement surgery that will leave you feeling confident and able to wear all kinds of clothes you have always desired.


Who is getting breast implants in Melbourne

Who is getting breast implants in Melbourne

Breast implants in Melbourne have become very heard of recently. It is said to be a billion dollar year business and research has it that many people living In Melbourne opt to have their implants done overseas, with the fallacy that they will get a better job done. However, there are reports in Melbourne that success rates of the local doctors are pretty high.

The thought of getting breast implants done arises when a girl or a woman is not satisfied with their breasts and suffer from inferiority complex. They tend to think that their lives will be better off with large, perfectly shaped breasts. The drive also comes from celebrities and pop stars maintain their upper body physique.

melbourne surgeons

Procedure for breast implants

Step 1- The first step is to get anesthetized. There are two ways of getting it done- The general anesthesia and the anesthesia that is directly injected to your veins. You doctor will study your condition and recommend the right one.
This step ensures that you feel no pain while the surgery is being performed.

Step 2- The next step is to have a surgical cut made in the skin or flesh of areas around your breasts. This process is known as incision. There are three types of incisions:
1. Periareolar Incision, done on the pigmented skin surrounding the nipple
2. Inframammary Incision, done on the fold just under the breast
3. Transaxillary Incision, performed under armpit.

The incision is done in unnoticeable areas of your skin so that the visibility of scar marks is reduced. Whichever of these incisions needs to be done can be decided upon consultation between the patient and the doctor.

Step 3- After incision, you reach the most important phase where the breast implant is inserted and placed onto the decided area.

Breast implant can be place either under the pectoral muscle or at the sub-mammary gland existing directly behind the breast tissue. Where the implantation is to be placed depends on a few critical factors- The type of implant being done, how much enlargement of the breast is derired by the patient. The body type and most importantly, what the doctor recommends.

Step 4- This is the final step where the incisions done in the skin or muscle are sealed using layers of skin adhesive, surgical tapes or stitching. However, it should be noted that no matter how strong the closure of the incision is, it might disappear over time and leave out scars in your skin. This depends on the amount of your exposure to infection causing bacteria, your intake of nicotine and also genetic influence.

What’s the cost?

The cost of getting breast implants done might vary in different hospitals in Melbourne. It might cost you on average a total of around $10,000-$15000 AUD. This grand total is a sum of all the little and different processes that needs to be gone through. These are usually the fees for surgeons, anesthetist’s fees, the costs for implant, hospital costs and eventually the follow up check-up expenses.

Who Should Do It?

The prime candidates who undergo breast implants in Melbourne are:
1. Patients with ages in the range of 18-25, having underdeveloped breasts.
2. Patients who are looking to recover the lost volume and look of their breasts after pregnancy.
These range between the ages of 30-45 and
3. People having quite a fair breast size but want to make it bigger due to different personal choices.

Who Should I Choose?

The breast implant procedure is quite risky and a little carelessness with certain decisions might make you suffer in the long run. It is important to choose the perfect doctor for this process.

Here are some of the key criteria that will help you know who the best doctor is when it comes to having your implants done:
1. It is important to know the track record of the doctor .A sensible approach would be to have a look at pre-surgery and post-surgery pictures.
Ask them questions like how many surgeries have they performed before, their success rate and how they choose to handle situations where complications arise.

2. Make sure that the doctor is board certified. This will ensure that the doctor is specifically trained to handle these breast augmentations and will complete the whole procedure without any complication.

3. If possible, talk with the previous patients who got their job done under the particular doctor. This will give you an idea of how the good the doctor really is.

Selecting the Best Size & Type of Implant


By instructing yourself about the distinctive sorts and conversing with your plastic specialist, you can decide the best implants for you. For some ladies, settling on a ultimate conclusion to get breast implants can be a groundbreaking occasion.

For some ladies, settling on a ultimate conclusion to get breast implants can be an extraordinary occasion. By teaching yourself about the distinctive sorts and conversing with your plastic specialist, you can decide the best implants for you.

A standout amongst the most mainstream restorative methods got by ladies today is breast enlargement surgery. Amid surgery, plastic specialists utilize breast implants to improve the bust zone of a lady fit as a fiddle and size. Numerous ladies choose to get this sort of surgery for an assortment of individual and wellbeing reasons, for example, bust reproduction and to enhance their self-perception. Whatever the reason might be for you, it is critical that you settle on the correct choice on choosing the correct sort and size of implants for you.

​Saline VS Silicone

There are two fundamental sorts of breast implants that plastic specialists use for ladies, which are the saline embed and silicone embed. The embed can be embedded utilizing five unique strategies and the mending time can take up to a month and a half or more.

breast implants silicone or saline


The saline embed is the most well-known embed utilized by ladies. The external shell is made of a solid silicone surface. Amid most surgeries, the plastic specialist fills the embed with a saline arrangement in the wake of embeddings it in the bust zone to give the volume, size, and shape required. It can hold up to 960cc of saline liquid. One of the medical advantages is picking this sort of embed is that your body can assimilate the saline if the embed starts to break or burst.


The silicone embed was initially presented in 1991 and has experienced a few upgrades. Not at all like the saline embed, this embed as of now comes pre-filled. Since they can't be embedded into the bust range utilizing a little cut strategy, plastic specialists frequently need to make a bigger cut in view of the measure of the embed. Numerous plastic specialists want to utilize this embed when playing out a mastectomy reproduction because of constrained tissue in the bust range.

After you have chosen your kind of breast implants, then next choice you should make is the size. Since they come in all shapes and sizes, it can be a hard choice to make for a few ladies. To help you decide the correct size for you, your plastic specialist will think about your stature, weight, and kind of body edge. On the off chance that conceivable, you ought to attempt to settle on the correct choice on the principal surgery to stay away from another.

​Do Your Research

As a beginning stage, you ought to attempt to discover photographs of the span of breasts you are attempting to accomplish. You can discover them in magazines or on the Internet. Another path is to attempt to make your own embed at home utilizing a pack of rice and a sock. You can include the uncooked rice into the sock to make a few distinct sizes of an embed. By doing this, you can get a vibe on how you would look with a more full bust region. You can likewise check with your specialist to check whether they have tests you can use amid your interview visit.

The key thing to recollect is to take as much time as is needed with settling on the correct choice in regards to your breast implants. You ought to feel great and satisfied with the final products. For more information on breast implants and other surgeries then visit our homepage, Find My Surgeon.

Breast Implants

Breast Implants

People of Brisbane wonder about the sorts of breast implants that are accessible. Find out about saline and silicone breast implants, smooth and finished implants, low, direct, and prominent implants and that’s just the beginning. Discover what alternatives you have before you experience breast embed surgery.

Today, a wide range of sorts of breast implants for brisbane are accessible. There are silicone gel, saline, finished, smooth, round, and tear molded ones. There are likewise different profiles including prominent, direct profile, and low profile choices. In the event that you need to broaden your chest, you ought to acquaint yourself with the decisions that are accessible. You will find out about the different sorts of choices in this article.

silcone vs saline implants


Saline additions have a silicone external shell and they’re loaded with saline, which is salt water. Saline additions are firmer than silicone implants, yet they are likewise extremely delightful. It is significant that specific surgical procedures can be utilized to make saline implants look more common. For example, you can accomplish a characteristic look with saline breast implants by having them set under the muscle. These are accessible to ladies who are 18 years of age or more seasoned. They are additionally accessible for recreation to ladies of all ages.


Silicone breast implants are prefilled with silicone gel and they are more normal looking and gentler than saline. Numerous ladies have announced that silicone feels like common breast tissue. Silicone additions are accessible to ladies who are 22 years of age or more seasoned. They’re likewise accessible for reproduction to ladies of all ages.

The Risks of Saline and Silicone

Saline and silicone accompany comparative dangers, for example, torment, changes in areola sensation, contamination, scar tissue that progressions the shape, burst or spillage, and the requirement for extra surgery later on. Remember that saline and silicone choices are exceptionally sturdy. By and large, they last around 12 years. Notwithstanding, numerous ladies have announced that their breast implants have kept going the length of 15 to 20 years.

What Happens When They Rupture?

At the point when a saline embed cracks, it empties. The saline arrangement is assimilated into the body without bringing on any medical issues. On the off chance that your saline embed flattens, you can supplant it with another one or have surgery to expel the embed from your body. At the point when a silicone breast embed bursts, you may not see it. There is no confirmation that proposes that spilling silicone gel can bring about wellbeing dangers, for example, connective tissue illnesses or breast growth. A crack can likewise bring about changes in the state of the chest. In the event that this happens, you can have surgery to evacuate the embed and supplant it with another one. Ladies who get silicone breast implants ought to get standard MRI screenings each two years, as indicated by the FDA. If you need help finding a surgeon then Find My Surgeon is a good site to reference.

These are the most important options available in industry if you are willing to do breast implants of your choice.